Meet the Dogs

Here are short profiles about our dogs! Please view our social media or contact for more information!



A 1-2 year old female shar-pei mix. She is incredibly athletic and smart, and very protective! We often refer to her as an Olympian and she will be a loyal companion!




A small, cuddly female lapdog! Around 1-2 years old. Trixie steals hearts left and right with her good looks and affectionate nature. Beware, she may try to give you kisses!



Four month old male pup with lots of energy! He is the last of his litter to be adopted. He loves to hop around for an hour and crash into an adorable cuddle with his playmates afterwards.



A 3 year old small to mid-sized male who will dance with you! He's very affectionate and often jumps on his hind-legs. Spot is always looking for affection from his humans and will be a joy for a family or anyone!




Pictured here with Shadow and Blondie, Bonzo is a huge and lovable softie! He is very gentle with other dogs. He falls in love with volunteers at the shelter, but they always leave so we are excited to find someone he can bond with for the rest of his life.



A nine month old female pup who loves to play! Unfortunately, she has been dumped twice already in her short life and needs someone to love her forever! She is good-natured, cuddly, and loves other dogs. She is adventurous and loves going on walks. 


Julien and Becky


These two middle aged dogs are the most affectionate couple and cannot be separated! Julien looks after Becky in the sweetest way. They are both very shy because they were cruelly treated and rescued from appalling conditions. For this reason they will need a patient, loving home with gentle treatment.