How to Adopt

dog rescued center

We fully vaccinate all dogs before they leave the shelter. We also microchip and neuter depending on the wishes of the new owner, but it is best if microchipping is done by the adopter in their name. Many dogs are already neutered. We are looking for a home where the dog is kept inside a house with a garden or near a park. We would also be looking for a home where the dog would have some company during the daytime, either with other members of the family or the owner so that the dog is not left alone.  

Please contact us wherever you are so we can discuss the needs of the dog and how we can bring your family together!


Besides transport and fees, there's no charge the shelter asks for!



This is the easiest option and we can arrange all transport from the island to where the adopter is. The cost of travel depends on if the adopter accompanies the dog, and where they are going. Usually an unaccompanied dog's transport costs around 50-70 euros.  



Transport and papers will depend on the country, but it is easier if the adopter can come pick up the animal themselves. It is less complicated than transport to the UK. 


United Kingdom:

The dog will already have a microchip before it can travel. 

Bringing a dog to the UK has become much more complicated since Brexit. 

1). If the dog is accompanied it’s easier. In other words if someone is prepared to come and collect a dog and fly back with the dog it would involve only a pet passport, microchip and vaccinations. These can be done here for €70. There would also be the cost of transporting the dog from Andros to Athens airport, which would be around €70. Then you would catch a dog-friendly flight back home, costs for this differ. An economic way used to be to use Aegean airways from Athens to Paris or Brussels, and then by car and ferry to the UK.

2). An unaccompanied dog needs several papers; First of all an IPAFFS number from the government in UK after providing them with all the required details about your dog. Then with the IPAFFS number a visit to our local vet to fill in a health certificate, which has to be stamped and signed by the state vet. We would arrange this part.

The adopter would then have to contact a customs agent, called SkyPets, and state that the dog will be travelling with transporter Ioannis Vasileiou, The overland journey costs €420 per dog. We would also first have to get the dog from Andros to the mainland and to the start of the journey which would in total cost around €90. Therefore the total cost (including pet passport, microchip and vaccinations) would be around €580.

If you would like any clarification on these details or further information please contact us!