Andros Animal Shelter

3 rescued dogs

Andros Animal Shelter, Andros, Greece is a home for rescued, stray or abused animals, some of whom were found on the streets, some rescued from owners who neglected them, some permanently tied or living in cages in filthy conditions and some who were actually dumped at my gate !

Once they arrive here at Andros Animal Shelter our aim is to put a smile on their faces and give them the happiness and health that all animals deserve!


At the time of writing this there are twenty five dogs,  around twenty cats and a horse, five donkeys and two mules in residence!

We have a large property called 'Magic Mountain' which is 9000 square metres.

The dogs have a huge area in which they are free to run and play, and they all sleep in their own baskets, inside the house, at night time.

The cats roam free, and some semi wild, in the woods and fields around the property, but also have places to sleep with baskets, blankets and food if they wish.

The horse, donkeys and mules are free also to roam over the whole property, and to interact with guests who visit Magic Mountain through Airbnb.

Once the animals arrive here at the shelter, they are checked over by our local vet and then slowly integrated into the pack. 

There are some dogs who have been here for years which are not put up for adoption, but the aim is to get most of the new dogs adopted. Last year we managed to adopt around 50 dogs.  

My name is Sandy (full name Alexandra Britton ) and I am the owner of the property and the shelter. I am English, born in UK but I have lived in Greece since 1979. Over these years I have rescued and re-homed many dogs. I have always fought for the animal's rights as much as I could in the circumstances as they were, which were alot different 30 to 40 years ago, when animals virtually had no rights.

Now, at long last, the law is on the side of the animals and it's possible to really have some effect and chase up those who are abusing or neglecting animals.

Although I am, nowadays, a little 'long in the tooth', this sanctuary is a part of my final effort towards rescuing and helping as many animals as I possibly can !


One of the ways that we raise money towards the costs of running the shelter is by  renting out two properties through Airbnb.  These are the Stone House and the Magic Room. They both fall into the cheaper price range, one being the lower and remaining part of a very old house (the Stone House) and the other the old grape press area  of the house where I live (the Magic Room). They both have their own bathroom and kitchens and they are both delightful properties to stay in ! 



To introduce myself!

My name is Sandy (Alexandra Britton ), I am English, born in the U.K., but left in 1979, aged 33, to come and live here in Greece.


Because I fell in love with Greece visually, and being of artistic bent, was totally bewitched by the beauty of this country. 

How did you live ?                                                           

I worked as a tourist representative for an English tour company.

For how long?

5 years... until  1986,  when I opened, together with three other partners, a Tourist Office in Batsi, Andros. This was successful until 1996 when tourism declined due to the lack of an international airport on Andros. 

Then what did you do?

I opened my own art shop in Batsi until year 2000, and then, due to economic difficulties, left to work in tourism in Pelion, in central Greece.

Did your fortunes change?

In 2007 I inherited some money and bought this house in the beautiful mountain village of Arni, Andros...I called it 'Magic Mountain'!

What did you do then?

I transformed the property and also uncovered the  Stone House which was buried! ( yes buried!) and which is now for rent via Airbnb along with the Magic Room which is situated in the lower part of my house. 

And what about the animals?

Part of the the plan to transform the property was to make suitable areas for rescued animals. This has entailed alot of work, but has always been worth it when you see the animals happy and with a smile on their faces!

I also joined the local animal rescue group which has enabled me to achieve more rescues and to have some say in local politics and aims of local animal lovers.