Animal Rescue Andros Greece

3 rescued dogs

Animal Rescue, Andros, Greece is a home for rescued, stray or abused animals.

My aim is to put a smile on the faces of animals who have been tied up (an illegal practice), abandoned or mistreated

At the time of writing this there are twenty dogs,  twenty five cats and a horse, donkey and mule all in residence. The property is called Magic Mountain and is large  (9000 square metres).

The dogs have a huge area in which they are free to run and play, and all sleep inside the house at night time.

The cats roam semi wild in the woods around the property, but also have places to sleep with baskets, blankets and food.

The horse, donkey and mule are free also to roam over the whole property, and to interact with guests who visit Magic Mountain through airbnb.

I have lived in Greece since 1979 and over these years have rescued and re-homed many dogs. I have always fought for the animal's rights as much as I could in the circumstances.

Now this sanctuary is my final effort towards the well being of animals.

Financial help has now become of prime importance so any purchase of cards or books shown on my website would be hugely appreciated or just simply any donations.

I am also willing to do animal portraits in pencil or acrylics but a really good photo must be provided. 

I also rent the STONE HOUSE and THE MAGIC ROOM through airbnb....... under ANDROS....... prices ranging from 50 euros or less.